Maxim Drygin

Producer, Production Manager, VFX & Compositing



A profitable project maze starts with a detailed script breakdown. Shots (live action, matte painting composites, CGI) are added, scamp by scamp, ref by ref, model by model, into a doable post previs assembly, that informs everything from production design, to cast, to wardrobe and props, to VFX artist list and render time, to post treatment complexity, to intensity of a shooting schedule.

A team is now formed, glued together by the producer, the key facilitator of your client’s project success. Budget is signed off, and we run through this maze like a wind!

We come out of the maze unscathed, we wrap, we ingest, we draft, we third WIP, we celebrate. We budget rec. We celebrate even harder. The client tracks sales and customer engagement. We celebrate again, this time at their office!

Such bottom up per astera ad astra budgeting walk has allowed Max to produce consistently profitable projects with budgets ranging from ‘a charitable thank you’ to $500,000.

What forms a well-rounded maze guide to make it consistently profitable out the other end, you wonder?

A distinction AFTRS Master of Screen Business, a distinction Bachelor of Teaching, a children camp counsellor, a guitarist, a volleyball setter, a loving father of two boys, a Winter Olympics brand identity creative team member, a three album electronic music composer, a feature animations fan, a soccer player, a Nuke compositor, a book worm, a brand consultant, an Excel and Hotbudget wiz, a Buddhist, a 3D pool champion player, an ACS multi award winning director of photography – this many thinking hats over the course of his life would have been too many even for the wonderful Edward De Bono!

Being a producer isn’t a job, it is an Ariadne’s thread of life experience that allows me to lead my team through this maze lit by stained glass windows of the past fun, turn by turn taking clients each time different path with consistently similar outcome – I’ll bring your studio to ‘we are in the black’!

Have a script, a commercial need at your clients side coming up, with the usual few weeks tight turnaround yet needing stellar frame by frame pixel tweaking fun quality?

Take my hand, I cannot wait to take you through the maze J


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