RMK Crew represents over 250 of the very best production and post production crew right around Australia.

There is no booking fee for using our service.

We do our utmost to ensure there’s absolute clarity on all bookings so clients know exactly who they’re getting for a job, when they’re getting them, what equipment they’re bringing and what the rate will be for the job.

We are the only crew agency in Australia that offers this level of service.
Details of the job are confirmed with clients and crew prior to the job and then re-confirmed after the job – minimising the risk of any surprises.

We take care of the invoicing on behalf of our crew and invoice weekly, so clients receive an invoice after the job (quoting necessary POs or job numbers) presented promptly and professionally on behalf of the crew we represent.

Our state of the art booking system allows us to respond quickly to availability requests for crew and makes it easy and efficient to book in multiple crew in one go.

Our agents all have experience in the industry, we know how to ask the right questions and we know our crew very well. This knowledge allows us to cast the right crew for any role.

For production and post production on commercials, branded content, digital media, corporate video production, TV or feature films – from small crews to full scale commercial crews, we have it covered, right around Australia.


RMK Management PTY LTD is not labour hire and we are not a contractor. Instead we help facilitate contracts with the crew we represent. The contract (stated or implied) exists between the client and the crew member and how the client chooses to contract a crew member is at their discretion.

Some of our crew are PTY LTD, some are sole traders who either trade under an ABN or tax file number as PAYG depending on the nature of the contract, so please ensure you tell us at the time of the booking how you’d like to contract that crew member.

How the crew is contracted by the client may also affect insurance and superannuation obligations, so if there are any questions please ask at the time of the booking as RMK is not responsible or liable for any insurance matters or superannuation contributions around any of the contracts we help facilitate.

If unsure as to whether the person you are contracting should be an employee or contractor, use the ATO’s Employee/Contractor decision tool.


Clients can enquire about a crew member’s availability at any time.

If a hold is requested, the crew member can remain on hold until that crew member receives another booking enquiry in which case the client with the first hold will be given the opportunity to confirm or release their hold.

If a client confirms the booking and then it is cancelled and the crew member is unable to find other work, the crew member is entitled to 100% cancellation fee.

If a client cancels a booking within 24 hours the crew member is entitled to 100% cancellation fee and if it’s within 48 hours, the crew member is entitled to 50% cancellation fee.

If a client cancels a hold there is no cancellation fee.

Saturdays and Sundays not considered working days – so cancellations on a Friday for a Monday would be considered to be within 24 hours.


RMK Crew acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands where we work, live and create. We celebrate the diversity of Aboriginal peoples and their ongoing cultures and connections to the lands and waters of NSW.  We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.