Matthew Kuchel

Camera Department, Camera Operator, DOP



Matt Kuchel is an Adelaide based Director of Photography working Australia wide since 2013 when he began his role in Video Production for Southern Cross Auste­reo Media. He now works independently as a freelance DP shooting commercials, branded content, short films & music videos.

In 2019 Matt was awarded the Australian Cinematography Awards silver medal in the National Commercial category.

Building upon that acknowledgement, over the following years Matt has worked as DP on some of the biggest campaigns, commercials and digital content for both the Triple M and Today broadcast networks Australia-wide.

Matt is a creator who loves exploring endless possibilities through storytelling and his passion is bringing these stories to life through cinematography. Whatever the project is, he ensures the story is captured and told in the most engaging way.

Known for his infectious enthusiasm and passion for filmmaking, Matt is natural storyteller at heart and committed to the craft of cinematography.

A supportive team leader, Matt is diligent when managing the pre-production in­volved as DP and encourages his team to ask as questions, collaborate, push bound­aries and most importantly, have fun!

Matt believes, if you are afforded the opportunity to create stories as a career choice, you have one of the best jobs in the world and if you are the cinematographer, you actually have the best job so enjoy the ride.


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