Kwamena Brace

Audio Engineer, Sound Recordist



I’m Kwamena (Kwah-Meh-Nah) and I’m a Melbourne based freelance sound recordist, sound designer and a mixer.

I enjoy working in a big or small team solving problems, capturing pristine sound and bringing the creative vision to life.

Born in Finland to Finnish mother and Ghanaian father, I’ve has always had a passion for sound and music. Before arriving to Melbourne, I spent 6 years in the fast-paced and cultural melting-pot of London, where I was an active musician, regularly singing and playing in bands and gospel choirs, as well as a music producer and sound engineer for emerging pop and electronic artists. After moving to Melbourne in 2018 I transitioned fully into the film world working in commercials, TV shows and narrative shows.

I’ve recorded and mixed across multitude of platforms and formats including television, podcasts, live, radio, online, VR and video games. I truly loves how many different ways you can capture sound and bring a creative idea to life with audio and visual story telling in harmony.

I strive to be the utmost professional while bringing positive, light-hearted energy to every set and working environment. I like to be well prepared for every outcome, punctual and and ready to go even in the fastest of environments. Favourite sentences include: “Can anyone else hear that?”.


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