Kevin May

Camera Department, Camera Operator, DOP, Drones


It’s simple – I love my job.

It all started when I used my dad’s video camera to film high school events. I realised what I was passionate about it and pursued it as a career.

Since then, I’ve developed my creative visual skills and commitment to delivering high quality footage. I now have over 30 years of experience in broadcast and commercial film, working with amazing people as we document the events and stories that shape our world.

I’ve worked on a wide variety of local and international commercial, drama and documentary projects. Utilising my skills for:

  • Documentary broadcast content
  • Comedy
  • Green-screen (studio)
  • News and current affairs
  • On location events
  • Studio interviews
  • Aerial drone footage.

I’m known for my competency, thoroughness, and going above and beyond requirements to help directors, editors and writers bring their vision to life in film.


I’m a well-organised independent self starter but I also work well as a member of a production team. I have a strong understanding of how different units collaborate during the filming and editing processes.

I strive to maintain good working relationships with the crew members, cast and clients.

Problem solving

I perform well under pressure, problem solving and contributing creative solutions to technical issues during pre-production and on-set such as the:

  • Visual impact created by particular shots
  • Camera set-up, angles, distances and movement
  • Impact of natural lighting conditions during outside broadcasts
  • Capturing the play of light and using it to create mood and drama
  • Single or multiple camera set-ups.

Technical proficiency

I’m passionate about my craft and committed to continually improving my skills through the use of new technology and efficiency processes. Over the years
I’ve developed:

  • An in-depth understanding of digital cinematography and lighting techniques
  • Expertise in camera function and operations of film and HD cameras, gimbals and drones
  • Skills in the set-up of complex lighting in-studio and on-location
  • Efficiency in the set-up and operation of cameras with creative angles to meet directors/producers vision
  • Precision and speed when framing and composing shots and performing camera moves
  • And even though I’m older, I’m still in good physical condition and able to handle the rigors of outdoor production, difficult locations and conditions.


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