Johannes Beer

Camera Assist, Camera Department, Camera Operator

Brisbane / Gold Coast


Johannes Beer, a dedicated and experienced Camera Assistant/Camera Operator, is a standout talent in the professional commercial and narrative film industry. With an impressive portfolio that spans a wide variety of projects, including feature films, short films, music videos, dramas, documentaries, and commercial & event productions, Johannes has proven expertise in delivering high-quality work that surpasses expectations.

Johannes’s journey began with a solid educational foundation, including a Bachelor of Film Production from SAE Byron Bay and a Diploma in Digital Film and Animation from SAE Vienna. This strong academic background laid the groundwork for a career marked by excellence and innovation.

Throughout Johannes’s career, he has been a valuable asset to numerous successful productions for renowned brands such as BMW, Channel 9, and NSW Health, solidifying his reputation as a reliable and skilled professional in both the European and Australian markets.

One of Johannes’s key strengths is his comprehensive knowledge of various digital cinema and broadcast production camera systems. His proficiency with cameras such as ARRI Alexa Mini, Mini LF, RED One, Epic, Scarlet, Raven, Monstro, Komodo, Sony FS700, FS7, FS7ii, a7 series, F55, F5, FX6, Panasonic Varicam 35 LT, Gh series, and Canon C100/200/300, 1Dx, 5D&7D series allows him to adapt seamlessly to diverse production environments and deliver exceptional results.

Collaboration is at the heart of Johannes’s approach to his work. He excels at working closely with the production team, building strong relationships, and ensuring smooth communication to ensure the success of each project. His precision, attention to detail, and ability to think creatively have earned him accolades, including the ‘Best Music Video’ award at the NCEIA Dolphin Music Awards in 2017 and being shortlisted for the Sony Music Video Production Awards in 2014.

Beyond his technical prowess, Johannes is known for his professionalism and dedication to every endeavour he undertakes. He has contributed to a wide range of projects, from major commercial campaigns to independent films and documentaries and to producing marketing material for a number of corporate and music events. This versatility showcases his adaptability and passion for visual storytelling.

In addition to his camera work, Johannes has also embarked on entrepreneurial ventures, such as being the Founder of Northern Rivers Live and before their rebrand serving as Director at Funeral Livestreaming Northern Rivers. He also runs a small production company called Satori Film Creations. These endeavours demonstrate Johannes’s ambition and commitment to contributing meaningfully to the film industry.

With a list of referees, including DOPs Matthew Davies, Christian Fitzpatrick, and Joel Egan, Johannes’s reputation as a dependable and talented professional is further reinforced.

In conclusion, Johannes is an exceptional Camera Assistant/Camera Operator with a passion for the art of filmmaking. His dedication, technical proficiency, and creative eye make him an invaluable addition to any production team. With a proven track record of delivering outstanding results and a commitment to excellence, Johannes is poised to continue making a significant impact in the dynamic world of commercial and narrative filmmaking.


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