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Audio Engineer



Damian straddles both Sound Design and Music Composition with relentless passion.

In 2002, he began his sound design journey working for United International Pictures, Sydney, distributors of Paramount, Universal, and Dreamworks.

This passion for shaping soundscapes grew as he honed his craft mixing 100’s of movie trailers and TVC’s. He’s since sound designed for countless ads, films, and documentaries, including “Rewilding” in Dolby Atmos which premiered at The Chinese Theatre LA in 2022, and “The Boy In The Snow,” awarded Best Musical Score at The Seville Film Festival in 2023.

Damian’s passion for sound and music began with his dedicated study of classical guitar, culminating in his attainment of the prestigious 8th grade certification from Trinity College London. However, the allure of guitar-driven pop production soon beckoned him.

A transformative experience awaited when he took the reins in recording and producing the indie pop band Expatriate. This endeavor opened doors to a whirlwind of life-altering events, including securing a Universal recording deal and EMI publishing, as well as gracing the stage alongside esteemed acts such as LCD Sound System, Placebo, and Queens of the Stone Age. These milestones compelled him to make the vibrant city of Berlin his new creative home.

In 2014, Damian established NeonNursery, a Berlin-based full audio and music production company. His clientele boasts an impressive array of names, ranging from Dreamworks, Paramount, Mercedes to Saatchi & Toyota.

Today, he crafts his musical creations and sound designs in both his own studio and collaborating with various renowned studios / production companies throughout Sydney and Berlin.


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