Yun Khang Lai

3D, Animator, Editor, Motion Designer, VFX & Compositing



Yun is described as a senior veteran in design industry, working with some of the most prestidgious agencies in the world. His broad skillsets in 3d, motion graphics, editing, marketing and client relations has earned him a reputation of a rare breed, capable of taking projects from start to finish as a one-man-army.

Clients agree his extensive experience has solved many problems in a workflow and he is dedicated to ensuring projects are delivered on time and to quality.

In addition to his abilities as a Motion Designer, 3d character animator and editor, Yun is also proficient in client relations having built his business from the ground up. Also undertstanding the complex constituents of a company, he adapts the workflow and deliveries of projects to ensure a positive outcome of the Company-Client relationship, always prioritizing client retention for a business.

Yun’s vast array of skills are welcome on to any company seeking an easy to instruct, fire and forget asset that delivers every time.


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