Vikash Autar




I am a television program, commercial film and content director specialising in food, travel and lifestyle. I have over 12 years of experience and have been lucky enough to travel all over the world creating award-winning television programs, commercials and content for companies like Discovery Channel, Cathay Pacific, TLC, Mastercard, Huawei and Qantas.

As a director, I like to be part of the entire process from conceptualising creative to pitching to the client and burning the midnight oil with the editor and colourist during post-production. I love to try new things, on set and in post-production and I create work that’s modern and in touch with today’s audience. I also try to inject a bit of humour where I can (because there’s just too much boring content out there).

I am the founder of¬†ANYDOKO, a high-quality online travel channel, focused on exploring many passion points of travel. The channel receives millions of views every month. As the channel’s Creative Director I am responsible for all the content we create, which alongside the success of the channel, is one of my proudest achievements.


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