Tim Brown

Aerial, Camera Department, Camera Operator, Director, Director / DOP, DOP, Drones



DP: I’m an experienced DP / Drone op based in Melbourne, Australia. I have twenty years experience creating short form and long form content for television and the web. These include TV series, documentaries, corporate videos, commercials and medical / technical / educational material. I usually work alone or with minimal crew.

Live Streaming: Full live streaming kit for portable / field work and studio interviews.

Drone Pilot: I’m a fully licensed and insured operator. I’ve assembled a high-level kit that produces cinema quality footage, and you’ll see from my aerial reel that I approach every shot with a cinematographer’s eye.

Producer / Director: As part of the job, I’m often required to take on the role of producer and/or director. This involves interpreting the brief, offering script guidance, assembling the right crew and ensuring a smooth shoot.


  1. Just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the footage Tim shot for us in Australia. Superb. Varied, clean, visually interesting, ambitious… Hope we get to do more stuff with you in the future.
    Arvid Westfelt
    Spoon Agency Sweden

    Arvid Westfelt

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