Till Spielhoff

Camera Department, Camera Operator, DOP, Drones



Till Spielhoff is an accomplished cinematographer based in the south West of Perth.

His down-to-earth nature is complemented by his German efficiency and eye for intriguing details, as well as clear communication throughout a project.

Till loves keeping pace with industry trends – technical and creative – ensuring his work remains relevant and impactful while staying true to his roots.

His professional journey began with various roles in a sound department, working for 10 years on TV dramas, commercials and live broadcasting in Germany, the UK and Australia. Till’s transition to cinematography was a natural evolution, but his background in sound often proves an asset.

Complementing his work as a Director of Photography, Till runs a boutique video production house for interviews, commercials, branded content and documentaries. Trusted by a wide range of clients, from start ups to industry leaders, Till brings over 20 years’ industry experience to each project, blending technical expertise with a creative eye.

Till has his own cinema production kit which can be added to any project.

Till is a proud member of the Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS)


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