Shaun Graham

Camera Assist, Camera Department



My interest in film began with me shooting my friends skateboarding over 15 years ago and I continue to work as a freelance videographer / editor in that area today. I thrive on the technical aspects involved in film-making and the problem solving that comes with any given day on set. I have a keen interest in learning / navigating any new equipment I can get my hands on and building a skill set that proves to be valuable on any shoot.


  1. Shaun was originally recommended to me by a colleague as a 2nd AC on a video installation I was Line Producing. I knew that it was going to be a tough gig, one that would require the person filling the role to be motivated, sharp, meticulous and totally on the ball. I, the DOP and 1st AC could not have been happier to have had Shaun as part of our crew. He was all these things and more.

    Since then I have introduced him to various cinematographers who all love having him on set and i have had him on various projects I have been producing. His most recent work was part of a high profile, confidential historical family-based documentary, one where all crew needed to not only do a great job but behave in a manner the family was used to engaging with. Shaun did not disappoint.

    I highly recommend Shaun. He is trustworthy, quick to learn, never shying away from a challenge, attentive, careful with both equipment and data and learns and moves quickly. He does this all with a smile and quiet attentive demeanour.

    Sharon Abela

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