Nick Paton ACS

Camera Department, DOP

Brisbane / Gold Coast


Call him a cinematographer, DP, DOP, Director of photography, Nick’s pragmatic approach to challenges, his good humour, energy and his storytelling skills impress.

I love working with Nick as hes always open to exploring options and taking some big creative risks, at the same time always ready to back up that risk with a solid Plan B. Hes got a great eye and a level of experience that I can always rely on rain, hail or shine.”
— Kriv Stenders – Director – ‘Red Dog’/’Danger Close’

Nick is a cinematographer specialising in feature and series documentaries, main and second unit tv drama as well as story based brand films. His love of visual expression began on holidays with an excursion into an Adelaide vintage camera store at the age of 13. It’s dusty shelves held what would soon become his first photographic steed, the Canon AT-1. This chance encounter began a passion for creating stunning photographic images. Later, Nick was to discover the power of the moving image and the camaraderie of on-set life.

Nick’s later accreditation by the Australian Cinematographers Society in 2007 recognised his work with his subsequent travels taking him around Australia and the world, over 25 countries to date.

I would certainly recommend Nick to any first-time director, if they are looking for someone with a great sense of story, a great eye, and a truly collaborative nature.”
— Jackie McKimmie – Director

Nick pursues visually stunning moving images that serve story above all.  He particularly enjoys the intersection of reality and drama present in dramatised documentaries. He is a lover of both natural and finely hewn lighting techniques. Most recently Nick has shot second unit on CJz’s tv drama, ‘Darby and Joan’, under the direction of main unit cinematographer John Stokes ACS.

He has also completed principal photography on Kriv Stenders’ documentary series featuring Anthony La Paglia, ‘The Black Hand’. Here he mixed location, stage work and international cinematographer contributor coordination to great effect.

I found your work excellent and you were a delight to work with. ”
— Emma Burman – Director (BBC)

Nick continues to enjoy long standing creative relationships with collaborators from both Australia and overseas. He is available for engagements locally (Brisbane), nationally and internationally.


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