Milana De Mina

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Milana is a highly versatile Melbourne based fashion and wardrobe stylist, with her skills also extending into art direction and propping. Over the span of her career she has worked with an array of aesthetics, body shapes, personalities, age groups and briefs and has built an impressive folio consisting of fashion, advertising, TVC, lifestyle, and still life work as well as celebrity and media clientele.

Milana’s aesthetic as a fashion stylist can be described as timeless, traditional and intricate, however she also has  great appreciation and understanding of commercial viability and mass market appeal. Her experience, natural talent and multifaceted skill set allow her to seamlessly transition from high end fashion shoots to authentic, relatable and relevant advertising campaigns.

Milana also has an Associate Degree in Fashion Design & Technology from RMIT, which has given her an invaluable professional edge: a deeper understanding and appreciation of fashion and garment construction and technical skills that allow her to design, create and innovate where and whenever required. She also has a background in design and marketing and a huge love and natural flair for business.


  1. My creative partner and I have had the good fortune of working with Milana on several significant projects, most notably the production of our original television series, “The Weatherman”. For over a year, Milana provided her invaluable services to the show as a Costume Designer and Head of Wardrobe, managing the responsibility of not only dressing the entire cast but innumerable other tasks across the show’s production. On the strength of the Australian production work, “The Weatherman” was later commissioned in the USA by 20th Century Fox and Fox Network, and many positive comments were made to us regarding the show’s production value and aesthetic by very senior industry professionals.

    Milana is a versatile, hard-working, passionate and very amicable woman with virtually limitless talent in her field. We would not hesitate to recommend her and would happily elaborate if required. Feel free to reach out to us at if you have further enquiries.

    Lucas Crandles
    Managing Director
    Renderr Media Pty LTD

    Lucas Crandles

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