Mike Jaballah

Camera Department, Drones, Sound Recordist



Mike is a location sound recordist and licensed drone operator based in Melbourne who is a self-confessed obsessed Larry David fan. He started out in sound production at RMIT University, has been working in live audio and music production for over 10 years, and aerial photography and video for the past 5 years. More recently, Mike has been getting behind the lens of a camera and loves the challenges involves in mastering new skills.

Mike’s worked on diverse projects such as network cooking and news television programs, reality shows, lifestyle shows, film, network dramas, ob docs, live concert recordings, sport events and corporate shoots. Some of notable credits and clients include the The Amazing Race, Adidas, Red Bull, Foxtel, The Project and Comedy Central.

A firm believer in being well and truly over prepared, then going with the flow ensures he’s well organised but also ready for whatever may come up. Mike enjoys working with others and is willing to help other team members. He’s friendly, easy going and has a cheeky sense of humour, just don’t judge him on his coffee order.


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