Michael Patton

Editor, Motion Designer



Michael is a highly creative professional editor and video creator based in Melbourne.

Telling stories is what he does. Having an extensive creative skill set from ideation, direction, shooting, editing and motion graphics – he understands what makes engaging content and is dedicated to achieving incredible  results.

His passion for storytelling started at a very early age, helping his dad cut together home movies through the VHS player. While the technology has thankfully moved forward, the commitment to the craft has not diminished.

His strong visual sense and annoyingly sharp eye for detail has been nurtured through 8 years of multi-disciplinary creative production.  Putting his past experience as an advertising creative to use, Michael thrives on challenges and finding creative solutions to problems.

Collaborating with agencies, production companies and directly to businesses, Michael has worked on some of the biggest brands in the world, such as LEGO, Amazon, Subaru and ANZ.

With his trusted sidekick, Lenny the Labrador, snoring under his edit suite, Michael can’t help but take an upbeat approach in an industry that can be very demanding and fast-paced. Under high pressure and stress, he’s able to keep focus on what matters to get the job done without jeopardising quality or relationships.

He recognises the importance of collaborating with others and is a strong advocate for safe and inclusive workplaces.


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