Liz Sharp

Hair & Makeup Artist, SFX / Prosthetics



Liz Sharp commenced her education in Art and Special Effects in 1996 gaining a Diploma of makeup from the Sydney 3-Arts Makeup Centre. Liz went onto study at the Australian National University School of Art achieving a Degree in Visual Arts. Liz Sharp also successfully completed a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and she has been teaching since 2006. Currently, along with Freelancing, she is part time studying her Masters in Contemporary Art @ RMIT Australia.

Liz has continued to gain experience in many aspects of Art and Makeup throughout her career working with highly skilled and gifted Visual Artists, Directors, Photographers, Actors, Models. Not to mention top Mua, Hair & SPFX colleagues.  Lizzie is known and well respected for her technical skills in colour, attention to detail and her concepts as a Visual Artist.

Her work is regularly seen throughout the make-up and visual arts circles. She is recognised for her work in editorials, fashion films, music videos, film and television, special effects, theatre, body art and as a teacher and mentor to many in the industry.

She has a love of teaching and decided more to share her skills with others by becoming an educator of make-up & art. Liz provides a high standard of education to her students, teaching them not only how to perfect the application of make-up but to do this to a tight schedule and under pressure.  She imparts knowledge on how to be a part of a strong team working as make-up assistant with the ultimate goal of eventually becoming a top make-up artist.

Because Liz’s scope and love of art is so broad, her work also includes areas such as Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Retouching, Set design and Costume.  A true all round Artist.

Liz is always open to a challenge and new ideas in the world of art and has not limited herself to one or two areas in her career as a technician or a visual artist.


  1. Inspiring artist who gives her all to whatever the project. Professional ,great teacher amazing imagination and an amazing team worker

    Ann-Maree jacobs

  2. Attending Lizzy’s trainning has completely changed my life as an industry Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist. Lizzy is such a kind and caring person and she has given so much of her time and energy to ensure that my success as an Artist is achieved. I am forever grateful for the opportunities that she has given me throughout and after the completion of the training course to grow myself within the industry through her reassurance and positive uplifting attitude, witty personality and passion, sharing her skills. Lizzy is one of a kind and an exectionally talented artist to be very inspired by.

    Corinne Jones

  3. I worked wit Liz throughout 2014/15 on a bunch of projects, most involved with FredHatesFashion.
    Liz is hands down the best MUA and SFX I have had the pleasure of working with. She is technical and creative in a way that I have not met since. She is also an incredible human to have around and always helpful even when she is unavailable.
    I live in LA now but I am excited for the day we get to work together. When I’m making the big bucks I’ll be flying her out to wherever I am!

    Madeline Mack

  4. Not only is Lizzie one of the most humble, genuine and authentic women in the business, she is one of the most influential and inspiring Makeup artists I have ever come across. Her passion and dedication towards her art is beyond inspiring and infectious. She is meticulous in every single aspect that belongs to her craft. Lizzie delivers incredibly creative, thoughtful and truly unique results every single time she picks up a brush. It was an absolute pleasure to learn from Lizzie, her method and knowledge is still with me every day at work. I feel so privileged to have met Lizzie and am still inspired by her as an artist and as person every day.

    Clare Moriarty.

  5. Lizzie is one Amazing and Talented Creative! I’ve had the pleasure of doing one of her Makeup workshops and some work experience, she has offered her support ever since. My dream is to work along side Lizzie and sponge all her knowledge and talent! She is absolutely beautiful inside and out and I wish her every success she deserves!!!

    Taylia (TJ) Jordan

  6. Lizzy is one of the most inspiring Makeup Artists I’ve ever seen in 24 years in makeup! Her knowledge is off the chart. Her manner, empathy and demeanor (on and off set) is second to none and she is professional, kind, intelligent and truly gifted. Also one of the best industry educators I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. And, she can do ANYTHING – true beauty work, through to special effects, prosthetics, character work, wounds, and significant pieces which are just plainly pieces of ART. Her talent is awe-inspiring.

    Peta-Gai McLaughlin

  7. After completing Lizzies A-Z of makeup I now realise what I had learnt before in any other class was not even a quarter of the education and information that Lizzie shares with her students. Lizzie’s passion in what she teaches is infectious and she motivates and encourages her students to aim for goals that we would never have dreamed possible. Lizzie is truely one of life’s genuinely down to earths beautiful people who puts her heart and soul into her work. Lizzie has introduced us to some amazing artists who too have shared their knowledge in their field of expertise. The day I met Lizzie was the day I fell on my feet in the makeup industry. I highly recommend Lizzie’s classes to any makeup artist and for anyone who has Lizzie work for them, consider it an honour.

    Andrea Hall

  8. She teaches with real passion and really cares about her craft. Her work is influential, earthy and soulful. She is a real diamond in the industry and inspires so many others within it.

    Hary May

  9. I was fortunate enough to work with Liz on the Fred hates Fashion campaign video and a few other projects circa 2014/2015. What an eye opening experience! She has been a part of some of the most exciting projects around Melbourne and is leading the way in terms of talent, creativity and professionalism.

    Can’t wait to work with her again. Mind bending talent and execution.

    Penny Drop

  10. I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Liz many times! I am a qualified hair and makeup artist of 16 years in film, television, stills and commercials and everytime I work with Liz I feel inspired to be a better artist. Her work is AMAZING! Her teaching is generous. She is kind, gentle and a giver of knowledge. A constant inspiration on my career.

    Danni McDowell

  11. I have been in the fashion industry for 7 years and I remember my first encounter with Lizzie vididly as she help shaped me into the model and human I am today. She is more than the service she offers. She was born to influence others with love and magical energy and that reflects across her inspiring and successful career. In my opinion, Lizzie is the best in the business.

    Marian Wolfe

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