Lewis Warner

Camera Assist, Camera Department



I am a Melbourne – based Camera Assistant working professionally in the industry for 3 years. My main responsibility on set is to be an extension towards the Director of Photography, so that the Camera Department can efficiently get through the necessary shots while also feeling a sense of comfort, trust and excitement. I enjoy everything technical about the film process including Camera Systems, Lenses, Camera Accessories, Monitors, and Postproduction. I also enjoy figuring out solutions to the many issues that may occur within the Camera Department. I also find it incredibly important to be social with my team considering some shoots may extend to long periods of time where we are away from external friends and family. I own a multitude of my own equipment including wireless follow focus systems, wireless monitoring and transmitters, camera cart, a Blackmagic cinema camera, with a collection of prime and zoom lenses, tripod, lighting and batteries.

When I’m not working as an Assistant Cameraman, I also love to explore the creative side of the film world, which is where my interest in Cinematography plays a part. I have a deep interest in telling a story visually whether it’s through Commercials, Music Videos and / or Narrative productions. Collaborating with Directors, Clients and other Department Heads is an exciting process,  and having the opportunity to make a stance visually is something I find deeply satisfying.


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