Lance Clayton

Animator, Editor, Motion Designer, VFX & Compositing



Sydney based multi-disciplinary motion designer /editor with a core love of motion/sound design.

Fueled by insatiable curiosity, at heart I have a passion for laying down pixels, and making them dance. I live for stunning visuals that dazzle my eyes, coupled with a sound bed that lifts me to another world.

Throughout my career I’ve worked on everything from TVC and advertising campaigns, event graphics packages, hype reels, infographics, explainer videos, through to sprites for mobile games and interactive installations. I’ve been there at almost every stage of a project, from weaving the nebulous tendrils of an idea in birth, right through to scripting, design, shoot, edit, workflow R&D, modelling, animation, lighting, composite, grade, and dynamic and enthralling sound design.

With the rise of VR I’ve also had the opportunity to design and direct a number of Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE experiences as well as contributing core animated UI.

Feel free to get in touch and work on a project together.

Happy rendering.


  1. Lance was introduced to me 5 years ago, and came highly recommended as both a videographer and an animator.

    Lance is that perfect combination of brilliance, reliability, punctuality and humility
    Lance’s genius and innate understanding of our values and how that translates to our diverse audiences through the images and animations he creates for us is second to none.

    Lance and his talents are one of the world’s best kept secrets and I would rather like to keep it that way – when you work with him you will find he is a national treasure you wish you could clone

    Lynne Strong National Program Manager Art4Agriculture

    Lynne Strong

  2. I’ve worked with Lance on a number of VR projects over the years. He’s a talented designer and a great guy to work with. Lance has the creative vision and the ability to articulate those ideas to the rest of the team. During production, he is able to harness his technical skills to create motion graphics, UI elements and sound to really enhance the overall user experience.

    I would highly recommend Lance for any production!

    Kei Onishi

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