Jude Ella

Camera Department, Camera Operator, DOP



Jude Ella has been a professional filmmaker and cinematographer for 15 years.

He graduated from a B/A Communications – Media, Arts & Production at UTS in 2012 and a Grad Dip in Cinematography at AFTRS in 2013 which he was Talent Scouted for after winning best Cinematography at the UTS Golden Eye Awards in 2012. He has worked as Cinematographer on 8 Rufus du Sol music videos, four of which going on to be Vimeo Staff Picked, as well as on content and media for Billie Eilish, Kesha for Spotify, Vera Blue, Baker Boy (where he was nominated in 2019 as part of a team for a best music video ARIA Award) and Art vs Science.

He won Best Cinematography at the Parambi Short Film Festival in 2021 for Zanny Begg’s ‘I am Kannagi.’

In 2012, he also studied a Cinema Exchange at San Francisco State University and worked as a Camera Intern in Hollywood.


  1. Jude was the cinematographer and co-producer on my recent short film project ‘to Freely Flourish’, myself as a first time writer, director and co-producer.

    Jude not only draws on extensive experience and skills in the craft but he has the interpersonal qualities to nurture me as a complete newcomer to filmmaking such that I had the confidence to bring my vision to screen to a level that I never dreamt possible in a first film project. He understood my artistic purpose and vision from the start and brought to my disposal the technical know-how and tools in cinematography to achieve that vision.

    Jude, as the cinematographer, I was amazed with his ability to work instinctively responding to the actors, location and lighting to draw out the nuances of their performance and the story towards my artistic vision. The resulting footage had so many more dimension in the story-telling than I had originally envisioned. And his experience and insights in production support me to overcome many morale, logistical and organisational challenges. And he went above and beyond on a personal level to ensure that I felt empowered to make the film in the way that I wanted to, without compromising on my vision.

    Victor Wu


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