Joseph Dutaillis

Audio Engineer, Boom Operator, Sound Recordist



I love sound.

I love the way it can tell a story. The way it can evoke the deepest of emotions, conjure the fondest of memories, and transport the listener through a world of imagination.

I’m a freelance sound recordist, sound designer, and sound mixer based in Sydney, Australia. With over 10 years’ experience specialising in sound for picture, I endeavour to create immersive soundtracks that support and drive films; that subconsciously captivate and thrill the audience. I believe that a great soundtrack starts at the first word penned on a script and carries right through the entire filmmaking process to the final tweak of a fader in the final mix. I’m equally at home on location or in the post-production studio and with extensive experience in both arenas I bring a wealth of knowledge to any production, knowing just what is needed to get the best result.

My work has found me on just about every platform you can find sound in. I’ve recorded, sound designed, and mixed for film, television, online, radio, and podcast; I’ve even dabbled in VR and video games. Past clients include some of the world’s biggest brands: Apple, Microsoft, Disney, Red Bull, and Coca-Cola. I have also worked with some of the biggest names in Australia, including Telstra, Optus, ANZ, AMP, CBA, Fox Sports, ABC, SBS, Channel 7, and Channel 10. In the film world I’ve worked on over 30 short films and three feature films, which have screened in over 100 unique festivals across the world, picking up multiple awards along the way.

I love to travel and I’m lucky enough to have recorded sound around the world, including work in India, Nepal, Cambodia, right across the USA, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Israel. Not to mention right across Australia, from frying in the scorching suns of Western Australia, to soaking in tropical rainforests in North Queensland, and wading waist-deep through the swamps and floodplains of the Macquarie Marshes in NSW, surrounded by red belly black snakes (ask me about that one some time!).

Mum loves to tell people about my first school report where the teacher wrote “Joseph has a calming effect on the class”. I like to think I’ve carried this trait right through to adulthood and bring a calm demeanour to any situation. I’m a motivated and hard-working team member and I hope we can work together soon.

Joseph Dutaillis
Sound Recordist | Sound Designer | Sound Mixer


  1. Location sound is too often neglected as an integral part of production. Jo has a great manner when working with new talent, who are often unnerved by the Soundie when they aren’t friendly, professional, considerate, discrete and just ace at recording location sound. Jo is all of these things. Stop searching, just book him already!

    Mark Dooley, Producer & Director

  2. Jo is a breeze to work with. A fully capable, fully professional fella. A no brainer!

    Nathan Drabsch

  3. Jo is fantastic. Always professional and a great problem solver. I definitely would recommend. His experience in post-production audio has come in handy on set with calling out possible issues that may arise latter in the post workflow, saved us a couple of bucks.

    Jack Kemp

  4. Jo is my go-to sound guy. Very easy to work with and always brings the right gear and a good attitude on set

    Michael J. Herman,

  5. We love working with Jo! He’s always on time, ready to roll, does so with minimum fuss and speaks up when there’s a problem. He’s also fair with fees, overages, and extras as long the requests aren’t crazy. We throw him into the mix on all manner of jobs and environments and he knows how to make the best out of sometimes crappy audio locations. If he is free you should book him.

    Dan Trotter

  6. I have worked with Jo on multiple projects from documentary series and TVCs to branded content. When Jo is on set I know we are getting the best location sound possible to take the accompanying images to the next level. I recommend Jo to everyone.

    Bradley J. Conomy

  7. Working with Jo is always a great experience. He is highly dependable and does an excellent job

    Natalie van den Dungen

  8. Joseph is always such a pleasure to work with on set and so he is always my first go to for sound. A professional, polite & trustworthy sound guy!

    Bella Harris

  9. The team at 85 Productions have worked with Joseph on numerous occasions and each time he delivers.

    His professionalism on set and ability to undertake his job is second to none.

    Simon Morehead

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