Jerry Batha

Sound Recordist



Jerry Batha: Renowned Sound Recordist and Location Specialist

Introduction: Meet Jerry, a seasoned sound recordist and specialist in location shooting with over 25 years of rich experience in the dynamic world of television production. Delivering top-notch audio quality!

Professional Journey: Jerry embarked on his journey in the television industry over two decades ago, armed with a passion for sound and a keen sense of detail. His early years were marked by hands-on experience in various roles, honing his skills in sound engineering and production. Jerry quickly gained a reputation for his exceptional ability to capture the essence of every situation, seamlessly blending technical expertise with creative finesse.

Expertise in Sound Recording: As a sound recordist, Jerry has mastered the art of faithfully capturing clean targeted audio.  From bustling urban streets to serene natural landscapes, Jerry’s expertise extends to diverse environments, making him a sought-after professional for a wide range of television projects.

Location Shooting: Jerry’s proficiency in location shooting sets him apart in the industry. His deep understanding of the unique challenges posed by different environments and situations, enables him to adapt and excel in any setting. Whether it’s a fast-paced action sequence or a quiet dialogue in a remote location, by plane, train or automobile, Jerry’s technical prowess and strategic planning ensure that the sound quality remains impeccable.

Notable Projects: Over the course of his career, Jerry has contributed his talents to an impressive array of television productions. His portfolio includes award-winning dramas, gripping documentaries, and captivating reality shows. Jerry’s work is known the industry, with his name often associated with the success of many shows.

Technical Innovations: Through constant updating of equipment throughout his career, Jerry has embraced cutting-edge sound recording technologies, staying at the forefront of advancements in the field. His innovative approach has not only elevated the quality of his work but has also inspired the next generation of sound professionals.


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