Jason Wagner

Sound Recordist



There are some crucial questions to consider when choosing a sound recordist:

1. Can they record great sound at appropriate volume and clarity?
2. Can you sit next to them on a long haul economy flight?
3. Will they interrupt a take at a crucial never to be repeated moment because someone dropped a small pillow in a house 2 blocks away?

The answers for Jason are:
1. Yes, Jason records great sound and has over 25 years of experience.
2. Yes, Jason is an excellent person to sit next to on a flight.
3. And No, No he won’t interrupt that crucial never to be repeated take thereby destroying the emotional trust you’d spent minutes cultivating with the talent, or even worse, suggest something completely banal and unusable, that you had already had to listen to once, should be repeated.

Other stuff you might want to know:
• He has the aforementioned 25 years’ experience.
• He works quickly
• He’s an award winner, and not just any award, an Emmy!
• He’s worked and continues to work with the likes of Foxtel, Disney, the ABC, Qantas, Telstra, Domain, Microsoft, 7, 9, 10, CBA, Warner Bros, Amex, and Nat Geo.
• And he’s experienced in a wide range of content that straddles both online and broadcast, and factual and fictional. He’s done everything from online series and corporate films, to large network documentaries and TVCs.

NB: Jason had independent producer Bruce Walters write the above bio so it’s all absolutely true.


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