Ivanna Tang

Production Co-ordinator, Production Manager



Ivanna Tang is a production coordinator, production manager and travel coordinator based in Sydney, Australia. She travelled 40+ countries and managed sets in Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Recently, she worked as a production coordinator on Alone Australia (Reunion, ITV Studios).

Previously, she worked on a Travel-Guide style reality show, and on multiple documentary series. She produced, managed and casted several TVCs in Australia.

Her background is in Sport TV (NBA, NHL, Premiere League). She also produced music documentary Creamfields with Coldplay and many music videos.

She is great in managing large scale projects with 50 – 80 people on set, as well as smaller crews.

She is a very efficient person, highly organized, loyal and hard-working. She can make things happen. Nothing is impossible when she is part of the team.

Ivanna is also excellent in writing projects, developing and pitching TV and film ideas. Her feature movie Abused (about children with horrible childhood) was founded by Ministry of Culture.

In addition to her career as a production coordinator and manager, she worked as an AP, producer, story producer, AD and director on multiple projects across the world.

Her latest project, a food-tasting reality show, reached 47 million views. In last 6 years, she casted and worked with over 1,500 talents in Australia.

She used to be a CEO of production and postproduction company, Orange Productions in Prague, Czech Republic. As a host, she had her own radio show about film and culture. (Radio Spin, Prague)

She studied short courses at AFTRS, she graduated in Film studies at Film School in Pisek. She also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Project Management. She has an Advanced Diploma in Marketing. Soon, she will finish her Master’s Degree in media study.

She speaks English, Czech and Slovakian. She is an intermediate in German and a beginner in Spanish.


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