Hayley Wilson

Camera Assist, Camera Department



Hayley is a WA local, used to lugging expensive gear all over the state’s rugged (yet beautiful) deserts, beaches and miscellaneous rock formations in the names of “Art”, “Storytelling”, and “Advertising”.

Based in Perth, she is a Camera Assistant who is experienced in working with a variety of digital camera systems including Arri, Sony, Red, and Panavision. She has skills as both a 1st and 2nd AC, as well as on set Data Wrangling and Video Split management.

Flexible and able to adapt to different types of sets, such as Film/TV drama, TVC, and Factual/Reality, Hayley has excellent teamwork, problem-solving and communication skills.

She loves storytelling, learning new things, and dad jokes (but don’t hold that against her!).


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