Georgina Kar

Stylist, Wardrobe



Georgina Kar is a freelance Fashion Stylist and Creative Consultant who has pursued the art of image making for over 18 years, refining her skills through roles in media, advertising and creative agencies.

Working within industry leading companies including Getty Images, Bauer Media and News Corporation. Georgina has developed a powerful toolkit working as a Photo Editor, a Booking Agent, Producer and Creative Editor, which evolved to collaborating with established designers, Photographers and Hair & Makeup Artists.

Georgina’s deep understanding of a relationship between clothing and emotion, led her to refine the craft as a stylist which has followed in working and creating beautiful campaigns, lookbooks and editorials on a regular basis with Westfield, Heckler, LUXHD, Anantara Resorts, The Hallway, The Iconic, Studio Mondo, Tommy Hilfiger, Country Road, Red Cross, DecJuba, Alice McCall, Seven Network, Telegraph, IMG Models, Chadwick Models, Orana College, The Sheaf Hotel, Thomas Puttick.


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