Dane Cody C.A.S, A.S.S.G

Sound Recordist

Brisbane / Gold Coast


After over 18 years, I still enjoy working in sound.

I got into film & tv via music and recording studios, but ultimately, helping to tell a good story is what I look forward to, no matter the medium.

From capturing the sounds of Olympic aerial skiers and their death-defying feats on the steep, frozen ski slopes of Ruka in Finland; to assisting in some small way to shed light on human trafficking and modern-day slavery on acrid-smelling fishing trawlers in the Gulf of Thailand; to running around after Hollywood actors in the humid, vibrant and frenetic Dharavi Slums of Mumbai in India.

I count myself very lucky to meet fascinating people from all walks of life and experience the warmth, values and vibrancy of their cultures and subcultures while often visiting awe-inspiring locations.

I have had the honour of recording & mixing dialogue in English, Filipino, Portuguese, Arabic, Marathi, Hindi, Cantonese, Mandarin, Khmer, Thai, Russian, Finnish, Yiddish, Tetum, Pijin/Neo-Solomonic and multiple Aboriginal languages. And I have worked across India, Singapore, Finland, Japan, China, Cambodia, the U.S.A, Timor Leste, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, and Australia-wide.

I’m ready, willing and able to travel anywhere in Australia or overseas – working with creatives to help bring their vision (and great sound) to fruition on the small or big screen.

From commercials and branded content for some of the biggest brands in the world such as Apple, Nike, Google and Facebook; to large-scale feature films and ensemble-cast television series for Marvel, HBO, DC, Warner Brothers, Paramount and Disney; to documentaries for Vice, ABC, SBS and Discovery. I’ve got the depth of experience, extensive sound kits to service all levels of productions, and the temperament to get along well with everyone while capturing great sound.

And I’ve never been afraid to get in there and help – on any sized crew.

I’ve also worked in post-production sound and pride myself on ensuring the dialogue editors, sound designers and re-recording mixers and their teams get what they need from me. So they can spend their time being creative for our directors and producers, not fixing things. I believe that the easier I make it for them, the more finessed my recordings are, and the better I communicate – the higher we can elevate the soundtrack and the production.

If you need a motivated, hard-working and friendly person recording sound for you, please get in touch.


  1. I highly recommend Dane for both film and commercial work. He’s diligent, professional and easy to work with, along with having the best gear and is flexible to suit your production’s requirements”

    Jess Langley, Producer – 2018

  2. Dane is one of those wonderful gems that you happen to stumble across once in a blue moon. He is an incredibly talented sound recordist – with a great gear list and a wealth of experience across the board. I would highly recommend Dane. Having worked with some of the top filmmakers in Australia, we always feel super lucky when we are able to book Dane for our projects. His professionalism and enthusiasm on set go beyond what could ever be expected and he’s simply a joy to work alongside. He comes highly recommended!

    Emma Haarburger, Producer, Fiction Films – 2018

  3. During his time with the show, he has shown consistent commitment and dedication to achieving the best sound possible for the production, with minimal ADR. He liaises well with other departments to ensure he gets the sound right…

    Richard Jasek, Executive Producer, Neighbours (Episodic Drama Series, Channel 11, 2011).

  4. I wanted to compliment you on your sound recording for The Mule. I was the re-recording mixer… and handled the dialogue, foley and music… I think you did a great job of capturing the on-set sound… it was great to have nice rich dialogue to work with…

    Pete Smith, Re-Recording Mixer, The Mule (Feature Film, 2014).

  5. Since he first worked with us on Downriver, Dane has become an essential member of the Happening Films team and will always be my first choice for Sound Recordist”

    Jannine Barnes, Executive Producer – Happening Films – 2018.

  6. You did an amazing job, as was perfectly illustrated by our tiny ADR bill!

    Tim Bartley, Producer, True Story (Series 1) With Hamish & Andy (Channel 9, 2017).

  7. Dane… it was a pleasure working with you… Your persistence to get the best sound is very important. I actually hate ADR and always prefer the ‘live’ performance sound… Your team did an amazing job too. Always working and adapting to achieve the best

    Peter Andrikidis, Director, Harrow, Season 2, Feb 2019.

  8. We are currently editing the original dialogue on Dora The Explorer and I have to say your sound has some of – the best radio/lav mic onset recording my team have ever heard. Not sure how you did it Dane but it is making our lives so much easier. Huge appreciation and respect!!

    Gillian Dodders, Dialogue Editor – February 2019.

  9. Honestly, I’ve been congratulating Dane’s team on the awesome job they’re doing, as eps 5 & 6 sound amazing… also… ep7 needs minimal ADR…

    Liam Price, Senior Sound Designer @ Sonar Sound, Harrow, Season 2 – April 2019.

  10. All going really well. It’s about to hit the mix so I’ll let you know if the mixer has any feedback. But very happy from the sound edit side’

    Luke Mynott, Supervising Sound Editor – A Perfect Pairing, January 2022.

  11. We’re just finishing up on the final mixes. Everyone’s a big fan of your
    work and truly appreciated all the care you took (especially on some of the potentially tricky scenes, like the campfire). So it’s happiness all around with you and your team.

    Robyn Snyder, Executive Producer – A Perfect Pairing, February 2022.

  12. Thanks so much for all your fantastic work on Harrow Season 2! Just wonderful work and testament was in the ADR sessions which were all predominantly added lines or requests for change of performance. Technicals were so minimal in comparison! Look forward to working with you again.

    Livia Hanich, Post-Production Producer, Harrow, Season 2 – June 2019.

  13. Huge thank you… a terrific job covering everything. Super thorough and sounds great, very much appreciated”

    Cihan Saral, Dialogue Editor – Total Control, Season 1 – July 2019.

  14. Dane is the real deal: talented, experienced, knowledgeable, resourceful, he owns and maintains the highest quality sound recording equipment, and is the most genuine- team player around. He is the first to lend a hand, an asset to any team and is a trusted member of the Film Sound community

    Emma Bortignon, Sound Designer – Clickbait, March 2021.

  15. The sound quality for this season has been good – to the delight of the dialogue re-recording mixer. Thank you for your hard work this past year.

    Kevin A. Zimmerman, Sound Supervisor – The Wilds, Season 1 & 2, November 2021

  16. We are finishing up the mix and absolutely loving the way you recorded the dialogue. Luke (Mynott) loves it and Pete Smith the mixer said he loves your work. They said it’s really rare that campfire dialogue is so clean. Not only is the sound quality great, but just hanging out with you as a person along with your wonderful team was simply fantastic. I watched it on the big screen in the edit suite and heard it on big speakers and was surprisingly moved by the film in ways I’d become numb to due to repeated views. Thanks for doing such a great job

    Stuart McDonald, Director - A Perfect Pairing (Netflix film)

  17. You guys have done a great job, thank you for being the quiet, efficient ones, that’s why you are my first call on new projects.

    Ross Allsop, Line Producer, Young Rock - Season 2.

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