Corey Maynard

Camera Department, Camera Operator, DOP, Editor, Editor / Shooter



Everybody has a story and I love to help people tell theirs.

Corey Maynard is a freelance Camera Op, DoP, Videographer, Editor and Filmmaker with 20 years experience creating and capturing video content for TV, social media, corporate and marketing use. Based in Sydney he works across Australia and internationally.

Providing a total production service with an emphasis on Corporates, Branded Content, Documentary, Case Studies, Social Media and NGO’s.

Beginning my career in the cut and thrust of international television news I learnt to move swiftly, think on my feet and do the job of ten people.

Today I pride myself on creating beautifully crafted human stories  with an emphasis on short form documentary and case studies.

With extensive experience in creating content for social media I understand how to get the the absolute most out of your production from pre-production to roll out.

I’ve been fortunate to work all over the world from the Highlands of Papua New Guinea to oil rigs off the coast of Brazil, with captains of industry,

great medical minds, celebrities to people scraping a life out of the hand they’ve been dealt or struggling with chronic illness.

I was also lucky enough to shoot on the recent The Amazing Race Around The World, a true test of physical and mental endurance but also one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

Previous clients include CNBC, Deutsche Welle, Al Jazeera, Fremantle (Masterchef & Grand Designs) to today working with a veritable who’s who of Australian medical research, Government institutions and high end corporates.


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