Chris McCallum

Audio Engineer, Sound Recordist

Brisbane / Gold Coast


Chris has accumulated almost 40 years of professional experience in the audio industry.

Starting out in Radio at 16 he soon progressed to some of Sydney’s leading post production facilities. He spent 20 years behind the console, editing and mixing major Australian productions.

In 2004 Chris augmented his skills joining the world of location sound recording working with the likes of Qantas, all the major Australian TV networks and internationally for the BBC, ABC USA, Discovery Canada and Animal Planet.

Chris’s experience in the studio ensures that every sound you need in post is gathered in the field.


  1. Chris is one of those guys you love to have on set. He’s always on, attentive and is the best audio technician I have ever worked with. We are a Melbourne based production company and we often need to send Chris on to shoots unsupervised and he has never disappointed. Chris goes above and beyond and the clients love him. I wish there was a Chris in every state.

    Shannon Swan

  2. Chris is an exceptional soundie. There’s a few things that stand out from a producer point of view:
    – he’s rarely fiddling or adjusting with talent mics. Once he’s set you generally never have to worry he needs to step in to fix or adjust
    – he blends in nicely to the background and never in the way of shots or reflections. He has a great understanding of camera movement
    – a super friendly and great personality, that makes having him around a pleasure. I’ve never seen him flustered or frustrated.
    – isn’t constantly on his phone being distracted which unfortunately is a growing issue with many crew members
    – and of course an implicit knowledge of audio engineering and capture.

    An absolute pleasure to work with.

    Walt Collins

  3. Chris joined our team filming in the South of France and was nothing but the consummate professional. He goes above and beyond to achieve the brief even in difficult circumstances where controlling the sound is almost impossible. From recording bees in the lavender fields of Provence when I asked for ambient sound to helping carry the camera gear, Chris is an all round great asset to any shoot.

    Kristin Bonner

  4. I have had the pleasure to work with Chris on many projects. I always find his professionalism, attention to detail and work ethic are of an extremely high standard. Chris is personable and out going, and always willing to help in any way to deliver the best product for the client.

    Chelsea Brown

  5. Chris is always a pleasure to have on the team. Super professional and a great guy with positive attitude and easygoing nature. Chris’ role meant he was working closely with high profile musicians and performers in a high octane environment, yet he gets along with everyone and gets the job done without any fuss. I look forward to working with Chris again on the next gig.

    Natalie Lewis-Zander

  6. Chris is always a pleasure to work with! On set and for my voice overs. Without a doubt, one of the very best!

    Charli Robinson

  7. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris across both Splendour in the Grass and The Falls Music & Arts Festival over the past two years.

    In addition to his incredible work ethic, Chris is a kind and genuine guy to have around and is without a doubt respected by everyone in our team who’s had the pleasure of working with him.

    Would highly recommend Chris to anyone – relaxed, funny, professional! What a legend!!

    Lucy Morris

  8. I worked closely with Chris across a couple of projects over the past few months. His attention to detail and dedication to the work was second to none, and he brought experience and a high quality of workmanship to the team. I was very impressed by the output of his work, thanks to his strong technical skill and ear for great sound quality. I would most definitely work with and recommend Chris moving forward.

    Monique Grisanti

  9. We absolutely love having Chris as a part of any production. In addition to being a fantastic soundo, he is easy going, with a great energy and ‘can do’ attitude. We have even grown to like his dad jokes. Chris is an asset to any production, large or small, and always a pleasure to work with.

    Tanya Babic

  10. Chris is one of the true gentlemen of our industry and as a sound colleague one that is constantly recognised at the top of the game. He is the consummate professional both by nature and ability and would personally be hard pressed to recommend anyone better as a sound recordist than Chris.

    Marty Fay

  11. Chris is an absolute asset to any production and I would not hesitate to recommend him for any type of project. His abilities, professionalism, knowledge and equipment are exceptional. These qualities, combined with also being the perfect gentleman definitely enhance any production and results in a smoother and more enjoyable environment to work in.

    Dan Schist

  12. Chris has always been one of my favourite people to work with. Knowing that I have him on a job gives me so much confidence in the quality of our output, and he’s simply a pleasure to be around. Through the several years that we’ve worked together, I always look forward to collaborating with him and look forward to enjoying more shoots with him.

    Ben Hasic

  13. Chris is an all round good guy, nothing is a problem.
    He has always supplied great audio in every situation I have worked with him.

    Chris Forsyth

  14. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris over many, many years, in fact it’s safe to say over 20 years. Chris first worked with me as a sound engineer, recording voice overs, track-laying sfx, sound design and crafting the full sound production. Since that time I’ve worked with Chris as a freelance sound recordist, because of his previous technical experience, Chris has a first class understanding of what is required when it comes to recording sound, after all he has worked on both sides of the fence so he knows what his client needs when it comes to the final mix. Beyond his years of experience, he is also just a good bloke, great sense of humour and fits into any environment or team.

    Kaija Wall

  15. Chris is smart, quick and a constant professional. I’ve worked with him numerous times on docs for Discovery Channel Canada. He’s the kind of audio tech that is assertive and assesses a situation quickly. He is an asset to have on the crew and having him on my team is one less thing to worry about.

    Christine Mayall

  16. I have known and worked with Chris for well over a decade. A total professional and all round top bloke! Voice over producer, post production pro and location sound legend. Chris gets on famously with everyone and no request is ever a problem. He is a great member of any team.
    Matt Cable
    NSW production manager
    WIN television Network

    Matt Cable

  17. Being one of the many and ‘remaining few’; I have had the pleasure of working with Chris as an engineer and a sound recordist. He knows whats required in audio post and does so with ease on location… He makes all he capture’s, ‘sound suite!’

    Your in best hands hiring Chris for any of your location sound needs.

    Sam Yeomans

  18. Chris recently worked with Come Alive productions on our China / Australia co-pro on both Chinese and Australian legs. To say the job was challenging with communication and cultural differences is an understatement, yet Chris managed to keep cool and professional while delivering the highest standards at all times. Long hours, difficult locations, language barriers and yet Chris always with a smile! His gear and workmanship is of top quality. I’ll use him again any day.

    Karlene Meenahan (EP)

  19. I worked with Chris on a children’s television series which saw us filming in many different locations and evironments all around Australia. Chris is easily one of the most exceptional sound recordists I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He is incredibly organised, professional and proactive, and makes everyone on the shoot feel at ease – both crew and talent alike – thanks to his genuinely friendly and positive manner. If I could choose a dream crew for every shoot I worked on, he would definitely be part of it!

    Amanda Isdale

  20. I worked with Chris for many years and he has continued to be one of my favourite sound mixers. He has inordinate attention to detail, he is punctual, dedicated and forward thinking.
    I think Chris becomes an integral part of any team he is working with, and as such he is committed to making sure that every aspect of what he produces for on-air is of a consistent high quality. From liaising with the producers to going above and beyond to make sure what we produce is outstanding on-air product.
    Chris displays a mature attitude to every aspect of the sound design he provides. Nothing is too much trouble or too miniscule to escape his attention. I always feel “safe” when Chris is mixing for me!
    If necessary, Chris also directs talent well, whilst showing deference to his clients and still insisting that we adhere to the high standards he displays. He is personable, affable, fun to be around and passionate about sound. I would work with again in a heartbeat.

    Jeanette Johnson Writer/Producer

  21. Chris combines his passion for his work with humour and a drive that makes him a much respected and invaluable asset to any crew. Look forward to season two of Surfing The Menu to enjoy the company of this true professional.

    W Lance Reynolds Producer Surfing The Menu Paperback Hero

    W Lance Reynolds

  22. I have worked with Chris (myself on camera and he on sound) on a two week, around the country, project with a very small crew (myself with Chris and the director/producer) and found the experience all the better for having Chris as our soundo.
    Chris was very Professional, very experienced and very respectful of myself being least experienced of the party and always willing to help and guide where possible.
    Since, I have found I have always looked back at Chris as a very good example of a good crew member and since taking on my own projects with other sound recordists I value that experience with Chris and would use him more, if we were less than 2500 kms from each other, for sure!
    Chris is not only a great Soundo, but an excellent human being as well.

    Andrew Del Vecchio

  23. I am a DP with over 20 years experience working with companies such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, the BBC and others. I have worked with Chris on a number of productions to date. Chris is without a doubt up there with the top engineer/sound recordists I’ve worked with. Single or multi camera, lifestyle, doc or drama, Chris is comfortable with all. He is a great professional and his work is invariably top notch. Nothing is too much trouble for him and he has dug a few productions I’m familiar with out of bother. Its always great when you get a combination of skill/professionalism and good character in a fellow professional. Jobs can be hard sometimes but having Chris around invariably made my work easier and I know from feedback producers and directors were always happy they hired him. He is a benefit to any production and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

    Colm T Whelan
    Director of Photography

    Colm Whelan

  24. I had the pleasure of flying overseas to Australia and working with Chris for a duration of 7 weeks. I could not have asked for a more professional, dedicated and friendly sound recordist during the period of the shoot. Chris has a very calm and collected approach to his work, making him a great asset to any production or team when things get ‘busy’ or ‘stressful’ as we all know too well in this industry. A true professional and great to work with!

    Andrew Allen
    Lighting Cameraman

    Andrew Allen

  25. Chris McCallum was the Audio Engineer on a 13-part TV series (Surfing The Menu: Next Generation) that I was Line Producer on. He is an incredibly passionate man when it comes his craft, and his skills are beyond reproach. I was never in any doubt that he was going beyond and above to get his job done, and done to an exceptionally high standard. The shoot in question involved filming on a long road trip through challenging and remote parts of Australia. This is when Chris’ personality and ‘can do’ attitude came to the fore. He is a problem solver, very easy to get along with, and has a great sense of humour. He engaged exceptionally well with all members of the crew, and helped forge a strong sense of camaraderie. Chris played an integral role in making the shoot both successful and enjoyable, and I would not hesitate in recommending him for other productions.

    Christian Horgan

  26. Chris is a good guy and good operator. We have had to work in very delicate situations such as elderly people with dementia In care facilities and also regular environments where good sound can be a challenge. Chris is across what needs to happen to help the day run smoothly. I recommend him highly. We have had to shoot 5d, C300, and also XD Cam PVW 700. Nothing is a drama for him.

    Bernie Kavanagh

  27. We have used Chris on a number of our productions and cannot recommend him enough. Chris is a first class sound recordist and an asset to any production. His sounds skills are matched by his attitude, flexibility and persona. With a busy and changing schedule, Chris constantly adapted and did so with a smile on his face. More importantly on the road, he is good fun to have around. Chris is our first choice sound man on all jobs.

    Sean Mulcahy

  28. My company is Multimac Media and we have worked with Chris for many years now and he has been a great team player who has shown professional skills and flexibility within all projects. He has the latest in cutting edge gear that has saved some of our shoots and that is priceless. I would recommend Chris for any future project small or large.
    Kind regards,
    Steve McFie

    Steve McFie

  29. I have known Chris for well over a decade now. I have worked with him on countless reality shows here in Australia as well as several Doco’s and high Corperate shoots.

    His work is always first rate, as is his equipment. Chris is also great with talent and producers, which makes for a comfortable shooting environent.

    Paul Webb

  30. Chris is a thorough professional and one of the nicest people around. Very knowledgeable with gear and technique.

    Jim Maloney

  31. When the cameraman dies, the talent flounces off and the production vehicle sinks slowly in a swamp then McCallum is your man. One of the best soundos you’ll ever employ, with
    great gear and more stories than Jackie Collins, Chris is a delight on location and in the studio. Don’t leave home without him.

    Christopher Slatter

  32. I’ve worked with Chris on a number of productions as a presenter and producer. His work has always been fantastic and on set his dedication and skills are spot on. His love of gadgets and all things audio is his biggest asset and it is always great working with someone who really loves what they do. I would recommend him highly for anyone’s productions.

    David Whitehill

  33. As a voice over, writer, producer and performer I’ve worked with Chris through most of his career and I see no reason to stop now. His wide range of experience has made him one of those people who has all the bases covered all of the time. His laid back nature belies the fact that nothing gets by him and his attention to detail sets him apart when you’re chasing the shot. He’s a pro.

    Jim Pike

  34. Chris is a professional from start to finish, in every aspect. I’ve worked with Chris on and off for over twenty years. When it comes to audio, he’s a perfectionist and the end result shows it. In the field, I’ve used Chris because I know there’ll never be any audio problems back in the edit suite (something that can happen all too often with other sound recordists). In the studio, Chris’ sound design and mixes are always spot on. Add to all this the fact that he’s incredibly lovely and easy to work with and you’ve got the perfect guy for any and all aspects of audio production. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

    Colleen Ward

  35. I’ve known Chris for over 20 years having met him in radio where his great reputation preceded him. We have since worked in post (I’m a voice actor) and also on location (TV) where it pays to have someone you trust shoving a mic up your dress! I’m now based in LA and Chris is my go to for any sound queries I have, from choosing the appropriate equipment (onsite interviews, to shooting webisodes) to finessing tracks for clients (voice acting, Pro tools) in post. I have no hesitation in recommending him for your work. It should go without saying at his level of the biz, but he’s honest, kind, goes the extra mile, has a great attitude and does brilliant work.

    Ella James

  36. I’m UK based and worked with Chris when we did a series based in Sydney. Chris work work of excellent quality, he’s very technically proficient, it was quite a complex sound operation but he took to it like a duck to water, was reliable presence from the very start to the end and his recording was flawless. I also believe what would make Chris stand out from many others was his social skills, he’s quite simply a positive presence to have on set, nobody had a bad word to say about him and his calm persona in sometimes difficult circumstances made everyone else’s life that little bit easier

    Pete Cowasj (sound supervisor)

  37. Great guy, super efficient, got all the gear, easy to get along with and the clients love him. Never had a hiccup or problem with Chris’s work I’ve worked him in the jungles of a Reality Show to ACA to commercials. Always happy to work with him.

    Andrew Bergh

  38. We have worked with Chris on a number of jobs, ranging from television to corporate. Chris has a great collection of kit, and always has something on hand to get us out of a bind. He’s great to work with, has an excellent work ethic, and his sense of humour makes him not too annoying to have around. The only problem we have had with Chris is trying to get him to keep his clothes on during the shoot. Once that little, and we mean little, problem is overcome, we’d recommend him unreservedly. And besides, he offered us a 15% discount off our next booking if we said something nice about him. Job done.

    Ben Alcott

  39. Chris is a model of professionalism, and a long-time respecter of we voice artists. I’ve known him since 1984 in his callow radio days, then as a long-time studio engineer before his freelance status. Always a pleasure to work with, especially with his great sense of humour, his work is top notch (and as a sideline he helps grumpy old non-techs like me with websites and tech support). Vale, whoops I mean hail, Chris McCallum!

    Keith Scott

  40. Chris and I have a long working relationship. He has always been one of my favourite audio technicians, making me feel confident and secure and relaxed at work; his high level of experience and competence is reassuring and of course, he has the added bonus of being delightful company!

    Anna Hruby

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