Augusto Keltika Junior

Animator, Colourist, Editor, Editor / Shooter, Motion Designer, VFX & Compositing



Highly creative and multi-talented art director, editor, colourist, motion graphics designer, compositor and animator with extensive experience in advertising, production and post-production.

I started working in advertising and production in 2004, since then I designed and animated campaigns for all types of digital screens including TV, cinema, stadiums, mapped projections and holograms.

I was graduated in Publicity in 2008 and migrated from Brazil to Australia in 2009 where I also graduated in 3D Animation and recently Interactive Media. I am passionate about design, motion graphics, VFX, animation and any project within the digital medium.

I enjoy what I do and continue to advance my skills in specialised areas taking courses with industry specialists.


  1. We recently brought Gus in to work on creating video content for a huge international technology summit. To say that Gus went over and above is an understatement. He handled both editing and animation for us, slipping between the two with ease. The client was extremely hands on and exacting and Gus handled it all without even breaking a sweat. We would work with Gus again in a heartbeat, he is worth his weight in gold!

    Natalie Lewis-Zander

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