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Over the past decade, Anthony Lau has become an international sought-after creative, known for his keen eye, and compelling visual stories. Most notably standing out for his industry-changing forward thinking creativity.

Lau began his career in live concert production, and his work took him from Sydney, Australia as a technical director for touring international musical acts such as Chemical Brothers, Underworld, to London, England, where he expanded his skills to theatre lighting design to ultimately directing live stage productions and industry leading high tech video production.

With an established command for large-scale production paired with a proven ability to create engaging visuals, Lau began working in film and TV in 2004. Along with Italian- and Australian-based partners, he launched InDigital Media Group, an international production company where he held the positions of Chief Creative Officer and Global Executive Producer for 10 years.

Known for its comprehensive film, and photography production services, Lau lead the Indigital Media Group pioneering the digital content space for the fashion and luxury brand industry, including producing Vogue’s first-ever online fashion video content. He went on to design and create interactive content platforms for Conde Nast’s powerhouse websites & He has executive produced and directed international TV, editorial content, short films and commercials for luxury and lifestyle brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Maybelline, Pepsi, and IMG Fashion Weeks globally.

In 2009, Lau moved to New York City to direct and produce his first award winning narrative short film. In the same year, major fashion house, CHANEL, handpicked Lau to direct and produce his first documentary film titled “The Making of the CHANEL Special”, with the film receiving critical acclaim.

Today, leading brands continue to select Lau to produce and direct TV, short films, branded content and television commercials. Luxury brands including Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Kanye West, Michael Kors, Victoria Beckham, David Beckham and H&M to established corporations such as Land Rover, Maserati, Microsoft and Qantas Airlines continue to rely on Lau to craft a story of their brand to execute in the highest calibre across traditional media, live broadcast and social media platforms.

Over the past 10 years Lau has directed and produced dozens of films and TV specials, with a string of international awards attached to his name. He has lead International luxury groups and brands including PVH, LVMH, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein and Victoria Beckham with executive creative direction across their live and interactive global initiatives.

Internationally renowned as a leading go-to creative and media convergence specialist within the luxury, premium brand and fashion markets, he currently splits his time between Sydney and New York City with his family.


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