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Make the Cut

We know how hard it is to find good editors and motion designers - that's why we went and found them for you. RMK Crew now boasts 50+ editors and motion designers who are among the best in the country. 

So if you need a top cutter or a brilliant motion designer for your next project and you don't want to entrust it to just anyone - call us for a suggestion

2015 Crew List

In our never ending quest to make it easier for clients to find and book the very best crew, RMK Crew has invested in a new, interactive crew list that allows you to click through to easily find the crew you're after.  From there you can click through to profiles, showreels, bios, etc.  And if you're no good at remembering names of crew, but good with faces, you can even see a profile picture of our crew members on the crew list!  Download the 2015 PDF crew list here.

Is your next shoot up in the air?

RMK Crew now offers complete aerial solutions for your next shoot.  Not only do we have complete helicopter aerial options (front mounts, side mounts, nose mounts, cineflex minigyro or the awesome new Shotover K1 and a choice of helicopters) - we now offer a choice of drones or Octocopters that can carry a variety of cameras from 5Ds through to Red Epics. Search Aerials or Drones for list of crew.


Need film and tv production crew?

RMK Crew is the only full film and TV production service crew management agency in Sydney, Australia. We only represent the very best film and television crew. They have been hand picked, so you know that if you find them here on the RMK Crew website, then you are dealing with talented, reliable industry professionals.

RMK Crew provide services from film crew hire to camera operation, sound recordists, hair & makeup artists and post production - editors, motion designers and audio engineers. In addition, our agents have experience in all forms of film and TV production including television programs, promos and TV Commercials, feature films and corporate films and we can provide any camera gear hire options through our partners at VA Hire.

To book our one or more of our elite film crew for your next job, simply use the crew booking request to quickly and accurately check on crew availability.

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