Jordan Ream

Camera Assist, Camera Department, Camera Operator

Brisbane / Gold Coast


Jordan Ream is a Brisbane, Queensland-based camera assistant, operator, video editor, and videographer. Experienced in corporate filming for local businesses, advertising, and not for profit charity organisations; to large scale productions for television shows and feature films. Jordan received his film training in the United States (US) and has had extensive experience in US-based and international projects in Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, the Dominican Republic, and Israel.

Jordan has worked on many diverse projects that demonstrate his strengths in adapting to new environments to meet the varying needs of filming, assisting, editing, and creating content appropriate to the remit of the client. Jordan is proficient in ENG and Cinema style cameras, wide range of camera support gear such as sliders, gimbals, drones, etc. Jordan is ready and able to assist and capture your project, making life easier “on set”.


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