Jack Robin

Sound Recordist



With over 30 years in the industry, Jack has a wealth of experience to draw upon.

Starting in the mid-eighties with Channel 7 on Terry Willesee Tonight, Jack has gone on to work with all the networks in Australia, NBC, CBS, the BBC, and a host of production companies and content providers.

From the studio set to war zones, travel shows to hard-hitting documentaries, Jack has the audio (and timecode) covered.

Using the Zaxcom range of recording mixers and recording wireless transmitters, the fidelity is assured, and back-up audio from multiple sources guaranteed.

The Zaxcom recording wireless system is a fantastic fail-safe method to collect audio in hostile RF environments, or simply when talent is separated from the crew. It’s all there, timecode stamped and ready to drop into an edit.

With an easy, avuncular nature, reliable gear and transport, insurance and current passport, Jack is ready to help you out on your next shoot, whether here in Australia or abroad.


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