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Jonathan (Jo) Rossiter ACS passion for the craft of cinematography grew from his early Sunday morning television viewings of Gerry Anderson’s “ThunderBirds”, and the matinee sessions of inspiring movies like Stanley Kubricks “2001, A Space Odessey”. The disaster movies of the 1970’s – “The Poseidon Adventure”, “The Towering Inferno”, “Earthquake”. The list goes on…

But everything changed with George Lucas’s “Star Wars”.

Jo commenced his film and television career in Adelaide, at the South Australian Film Corporation in early 1984 deconstructing sets. It wasn’t long before he befriended Michael Cusack and Richard Chataway ACS of Anifex and talked them into giving him a job!

Whilst working at Anifex Jo has worn multiple hats as a model maker, project manager, and cinematographer. He has pursued all things camera shooting with everything from 35mm to DSLR with some 19 years of motion control thrown in for good measure too. He has worked on over 500 TVC’s over the last 30 years, and shooting for such clients as Mortein, Schmackos, McDonalds, Sony, UOB Bank, Home Hardware, Victoria Tourism, and AirBnB, to name just a few.

Jo has also shot several short films including the multi international award winning “(R)evolution”, “Tales From The Powder Room” and “Sleight Of Hand” for which he won the coveted Milli award for ACS 2013 Australian Cinematographer of the Year.


  1. To whom it may concern
    Re: Jonathan (Jo) Rossiter ACS

    Jo has been a long time employee of Anifex since 1985.

    Our first employee, Jo has risen in experience and status along with Anifex’s rise to become the premier stop motion and special effects facility in Australia.

    Jo’s passion for model making, his technical expertise and eagerness to learn has found fertile ground here at Anifex and he has shown excellence in three vital areas:

    His model making skills and friendly, genial character have led him to acquire and hone high levels of Project Management skills. He has led teams of up to twenty model and set builders, ensuring projects with budgets in the hundreds of thousands of dollars are brought in on time and, more importantly for us, at a high creative standard. He has a vast product knowledge in all aspects of model making in addition to his knowledge of electronics, electrics and computing.

    His love and interest for technology has also taken him down a passionate cinematography path. Starting as a camera assistant, through hard work and creative excellence he became a successful Director of Photography within Anifex, garnering multiple national cinematography awards and fulfilling an important creative role within this organisation.

    The third area I would like to touch on is that of his personality qualities and his ability to work within a team. Jo’s friendly and cheerful nature is immediately obvious to all who meet him. This is genuine and runs through his deepest nature. He has the rare ability to put new acquaintances completely at ease with his affable outlook and honest charm. Once working on a project he maintains this cheerful attitude, and it becomes infectious, pulling others along with him no matter how rough the external pressures become. All our employees enjoy working with Jo.

    It is with great sadness that we see Jo leave our team, he has been such an integral part of our company that it is with great regret that we see him go.

    We are however, more than confident that an employee with his talent, experience and commitment to hard work will find a worthwhile role in this next phase of his life and we wish him every success.

    I would be happy to accept personal enquires, and supply any further relevant details, by telephone on the number above, or on my personal mobile below.

    Yours faithfully

    Richard Chataway ACS DipT BEd
    61 481 844 857

    Richard Chataway ACS

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