Jaan Ranniko

Editor, Motion Graphics



Jaan’s CV and reel shows the diversity of styles and projects he’s worked on. He’s always hungry for new and original work and brings an independent perspective to any project looking for something the audience hasn’t seen before.

On commercial work he’s always looking for fresh ground with a clients objectives in mind and has left a happy trail of clients. The diversity of ideas and range of clients and styles on his reel shows this.

Although Jaan is dedicated to editing and motion graphics his experience includes directing short films and producing on time and on budget. He’s also been an onset editor for commercials and feature film.

Jaan’s recent projects include The Cartographer (best VFX / best Production Design APDG 2011) and To the Last Drop (best VFX APDG 2012). He is currently working on an animation series.


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