Gavin Marsh



With over 30 years of experience in location sound, Gavin Marsh has recorded documentary, drama and comedy series for a wide variety of production houses. Gavin has extensive national and international experience with production teams (working in over 30 countries). He is adept at working in high stress, short turn-around projects.


  1. Fantastic sound recordist. Experienced, professional and always helpful on location. Gavin is an asset to every production he works on, always alert and ready for anything on set and aware of post-production workflows too. Highly recommend.

    Madeleine Hawcroft

  2. Gavin is one of the very best sound recordist I have worked with. An excellent collaborator who is professional, knowledgeable and highly skilled. My work has always benefited from his talent and experience.

    Claude Gonzalez

  3. Gavin is an amazing worker. Professional and fantastic to have on set. He also delivers the best sound. I can’t tell you how many people in the post world comment on how good his recordings are. I’ve also worked with him as an editor for over a decade and never once had a piece of uncaptured dialogue. Thoroughly recommend.

    Craig Anderson

  4. What a soundo! I have worked with Gav on a number of series and will continue to. He is an incredibly talented man with a very hands on approach! He is highly skilled and particularly great on location shoots, very good with talent and always happy to help. Highly recommend Gav.

    Natasha Pizzica

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