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I have been head of sound department on 12 feature films, 850+ episodes of TV series (800+ Neighbours episodes), several feature length documentaries in remote locations & 100+ TVC’s/promos/branded content shoots.

I have worked in every state of Australia & also Finland, USA, China. My experience across small to large-scale productions means I’m equally comfortable and able to deliver consistent results whether it’s a small documentary crew or a Hollywood-level studio feature film, and all that entails. I really enjoy how varied my job can be day-to-day.

I own the best sounding and most robust gear available for location-sound recording, in order to deliver the best sound possible. This dedication to my craft is reflected in correspondence from producers and post-production:

“You did an amazing job, as was perfectly illustrated by our tiny ADR bill!” Tim Bartley – Producer, True Story With Hamish & Andy (TV Series, Channel 9, 2017).

“I wanted to compliment you on your sound recording for The Mule. I was the re-recording mixer… and handled the dialogue, foley and music… I think you did a great job of capturing the on-set sound… it was great to have nice rich dialogue to work with…” Pete Smith – Re-Recording Mixer, The Mule (Feature Film, 2014).

“During his time with the show, he has shown consistent commitment and dedication to achieving the best sound possible for the production, with minimal ADR. He liaises well with other departments to ensure he gets the sound right…” Richard Jasek – Executive Producer, Neighbours (Episodic Drama Series, Channel 11, 2011).


  1. Dane is one of those wonderful gems that you happen to stumble across once in a blue moon. He is an incredibly talented sound recordist with a great gear list and a wealth of experience across the board. I would highly recommend Dane for any short or long form projects across TVC, TV & FF. Having worked with some of the top filmmakers in Australia, we always feel super lucky when we are able to book Dane for our projects. His professionalism and enthusiasm on set go beyond what could ever be expected and he’s simply a joy to work alongside. He comes highly recommended!

    Emma Haarburger


  2. Since he first worked with us on Downriver Dane has become an essential member of the Happening Films team and will always be my first choice for sound recordist.

    Jannine Barnes


  3. I highly recommend Dane for both film and commercial work. He’s diligent, professional and easy to work with, along with having the best gear and is flexible to suit your production’s requirements.

    Jess Langley

  4. I have worked with Dane Cody on a number of projects since first meeting him in 2010 and cannot speak highly enough of the man.

    His enthusiasm, professionalism and diligent attention to the many technicalities of modern recording make him an asset to any project, and apart from this he is a great to be around, helpful, friendly and a good communicator.

    As a (former) dialogue editor I have cut tracks Dane recorded on a feature and a TV pilot as well as numerous short films and advertising spots. The quality of his recordings is consistently excellent, he plans well and documents meticulously. His consideration for the thru line between production recording and the post production process has been invaluable, he understands that the task of creating great film sound extends outside his individual role and he is extremely conscientious of anything he might do to streamline and improve the process for everyone involved.

    Also, he has excellent equipment and is always hungry for new ways to improve it.

    I would thoroughly recommend him for any film or television production.

    Simon Walbrook

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