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Dan has been travelling and working in the arts and media since his teens, first with touring bands and as a solo musician around his native New Zealand, then all over the world as a film and TV location sound recordist.

He has been focusing primarily on documentary, travel and corporate work here in Australia, but over the last 15 years has racked up an impressive list of sound credits in other styles of productions as well, including HOD roles in drama, comedy, TVCs and factual entertainment. Dan is a firm believer that his experience in one discipline helps him deliver better results in others.

He has an extensive kit of top shelf equipment and can pick and choose the best combination to fit your project and budget. For quick moving factual and travel shoots he has various in-bag solutions, and if required has the option of a custom built sound cart.

Apart from his New Zealand based career Dan has worked in both London and Sydney, freelancing full time for a few years in each city. As a result he has a client list that includes a multitude of NZ, UK and Australian networks and production companies whom he has shot for all over the world. Dan has settled in Melbourne now, and is available to work on a wide range of productions.


  1. My first experience working with Dan was in 2014 on Coast Australia Series 2 when he came on board as sound recordist for two episodes. Dan was liked by the other crew members, especially when filming in remote locations where even easy-going personalities were tested over a long shoot. The quality of his sound was consistently excellent despite the challenges of recording outdoors on windy islands, on boats and in noisy aircraft.

    In June 2015 I asked Dan if he would work on a small not-for-profit film I was making. Once again he was enthusiastic about the project and generous with his time and expertise.

    Dan’s a delight to have on any crew and I look forward to working with him again the next time I’m crewing up.

    Elissa McKeand, Producer

  2. I’m a British television director. My films/series include The Seven Sins of England and The Secret History of Our Streets, and most recently The Secret History of Our Family. I worked with Dan on this in NSW and he was immaculate. Incredibly committed to perfect sound, fantastic attitude in the face of long days, more than happy to help out other departments (so valuable in small crews) – and most of all, a total pleasure to work with. Funny, kind and supportive. Would love to work with him again. I only wished he was based in England!
    Joseph Bullman

    Joseph Bullman

  3. We have worked with Dan on a number of jobs. He’s always been professional, helpful and had a great attitude. He fits in with any crew, gets the job done easily and always comes through for us.

    Matt Taylor


  4. Dan’s a great soundie and very pleasant to work with.
    He has great professionalism and attention to detail, whilst always turning up to the job with a can-do attitude.

    Sean Corcoran, In The Thicket


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